You can contact us regarding your general cleaning jobs any time you find it necessary to do so.

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General cleaning services examples:

  • Vacuuming the entire surface – tiles, parquet, carpet

  • Washing and cleaning your carpet using mono-disc dry shampooing, or the injection – extraction method for removing stains

  • Mechanized polishing all tiles, parquet, carpets and linoleum

  • Cleaning and washing the upholstery

  • Washing glass doors and walls

  • Washing the doors, doorjambs and railing

  • Removing spider webs

  • Cleaning all lighting devices

  • Dusting and cleaning all office furniture and equipment using anti-static solutions

  • Applying protection treatments to wooden furniture

  • Aluminium, chrome or stainless steel objects are cleaned using special solutions

  • Disinfecting telephone devices

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all kitchen and bathrooms

  • Cleaning wall tiles in kitchens and bathrooms

  • Cleaning all switches, plugs and spreads

  • Emptying and cleaning all trash bins and ashtrays and fitting all trash bins with plastic bags

  • Airing and odorizing all spaces

  • Removing all stains from the washable walls

  • Cleaning all garages, ledges and basements