Our maintenance cleaning services are subscription based. Our packages may vary in terms of the number of interventions required each month, as well as the nature of the included services and are designed according to each customers’ specific needs.

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Here are some office maintenance cleaning examples:

  • Vacuuming the entire surface – tiles, parquet, carpet

  • Mop washing hard floors

  • Aluminium, chrome or stainless steel objects are cleaned using special solutions

  • Garbage bins, paper bins and shredders will be emptied and plastic bags will be replaced.

  • Ashtrays will be emptied and cleaned

  • Free of furniture surfaces will be cleaned of any traces of dirt

  • Spider webs will be removed

  • Regardless of the materials they are made of, doors will be cleaned of any existing traces, including the knob area.

  • Airing and odorizing all spaces

  • Cleaning all illumination devices

  • Cleaning all computer or other electronic devices’ (printer, scanner, fax, etc) displays

  • Disinfecting telephone devices

  • Cleaning switches and thermostats

  • Cleaning and dusting all the wall signs and pictures

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all kitchen and bathrooms

  • Doing the dishes

  • Refilling all soap dispensers and toilet paper holders

  • Cleaning all ledges

  • Cleaning the yard of any existing trash